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Cartoon: Three Tips For Dealing With Messes


As the head of an entrepreneurial organization, you attract lots of attention. Many people need your input, your direction, and your time, which might make you feel like you’re being pulled in several directions at once, keeping you from getting focused.

You might also find that keeping on top of the endless stream of paper, voice mail messages, and email is a daunting task.

Every time you say “yes” to something, you commit future time and energy to it. If you don’t feel committed to this obligation now, chances are you’ll feel even less so when it comes around again. Clutter can be dangerous too—especially when it means keeping irrelevant and outdated information around. These elements in your environment, which hinder your confidence and fragment your focus, can all be categorized as “messes.” Now is the perfect time to clean the messes out of your life and establish new habits to keep them from returning.

Three Tips For Dealing With Messes: How To Clean Them Up — And Prevent Them From Happening.