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Top 50 Reasons Entrepreneurs Believe In Strategic Coach


Real growth takes courage.

At Strategic Coach, we believe this comes from being open to new ways of thinking. It’s a process that starts by breaking free from old habits, ideas, and relationships so you feel confident taking the risks that may have once held you back.

But how do you get there?

Entrepreneurs are passionate about Strategic Coach because it’s one of the building blocks of their success. By taking a day for themselves each quarter to step back from their lives and businesses and reevaluate their purpose, it has the possibility of altering their future in business.

So we asked them to describe in their own words what keeps them coming back to Strategic Coach. Here are their answers:

  • “Real growth and happiness”
  • “My kids and to be a good parent”
  • “To be in a community that supports me”
  • “To do the best I can in this world for others”
  • “Increased revenue”
  • “To challenge and reward myself”
  • “New ideas”
  • “To stay ahead of the marketplace”
  • “For my quality of life”
  • “Increased confidence”
  • “It allows me to differentiate myself from the competition”
  • “Rejuvenation”
  • “The proximity to other entrepreneurs”
  • “Constant growth”
  • “To enjoy real time with my family”
  • “To feed my soul”
  • “To keep me on track”
  • “To make sure I’m in alignment with my goals”
  • “Peace of mind”
  • “My partner”
  • “To better service my clients”
  • “To live an intentional life”
  • “To find my true self”
  • “Time management”
  • “Clarity”
  • “Confirmation”
  • “For the best future possible”
  • “Encouragement and affirmation”
  • “To stay grounded and keep growing”
  • “Because after 25 years, I really know who my kids are”
  • “To have really great relationships”
  • “To grow a business that creates value in this world”
  • “To gain an ‘unfair advantage’”
  • “Unique Ability”
  • “To think outside of the box”
  • “To serve other people”
  • “I love the people”
  • “This is my happy place”
  • “Synchronicity with my team”
  • “My health depends on it”
  • “Gives me time to innovate”
  • “Mindset”
  • “To be present”
  • “To continue to generate wealth”
  • “To avoid growing stale”
  • “My health as an entrepreneur”
  • “To refresh”
  • “To protect my free time”
  • “Self-awareness”
  • “Because without Coach, I wouldn’t be where I am, and I love where I am”

“Most growth happens as a result of many small steps. The key is to keep taking them.” Dan Sullivan
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In the words of Dan Sullivan, “Most growth happens as a result of many small steps. The key is to keep taking them.” The opportunities, activities, and experiences that are calling your name are the ones you need to be a part of. It’s a responsibility each of us has to ourselves to continually find ways we can further develop and grow. This is how we learn what we’re truly capable of and what matters most to us.