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Want To Set Yourself Apart? Stop Buying Into This Narrative


“Really successful entrepreneurs don’t live life by the general rules.”

If one thing’s true about really successful entrepreneurs, it’s that they don’t hold themselves subject to the general thinking of people around them.

They don’t subscribe to the common rules or expectations of their industry.

Instead, they’re in touch with what they do uniquely well and design a future specific to that.

This distinction in mindsets is what we refer to as the “general vs. specific narrative.”

The general narrative: what everyone tells you your experience will be.

There’s a general narrative operating all the time about what’s going on in the world. It’s defined by mass media, news networks, popular culture, and academic communities.

This narrative trickles down into everything—including what to expect as an entrepreneur in any particular industry.

It’s what people tell you your experience will be and theories about how things “generally” are.

There’s a natural tendency to want to convey to others what their experiences might mean—disregarding that their life is unique to them. And while there might be some truth in these explanations, ultimately things mean what we want them to mean, and this trumps all.

When you buy into someone else’s description of the world, you do so at the price of your autonomy. But when you take ownership over your past and present, you decide what it means—this is how to design your specific narrative.

Impact the world by adapting the mindset of the specific narrative. Learn why the most successful entrepreneurs use this as their trick to empowerment.

The specific narrative: create your own story.

The specific narrative is realizing that your life is specific to you.

It’s realizing that, whatever the general narrative, you have specific talents and specific experiences, you’ve hired certain team members and worked with certain clients—all of which makes your future entirely individual to you.

To embrace the specific narrative, it’s crucial not to get locked into what others tell you your life is going to look like because only you can know your story. The most successful entrepreneurs learn to ignore the general so they can work solely on expanding the specific.

Just like the greatest athletes, inventors, and scientists, these entrepreneurs have realized that to have an impact and to change the game, you can’t conduct your life according to the general rules.

It’s a choice: Are you going to lead a life where outside factors control your life and decisions? Or are you going to lead a life where you’re in control?

Find success through your own specific narrative.

In order to live your life according to a specific narrative, it’s important to accept that there will always be things happening in the general world, but to be successful, it’s about finding and taking only the things that allow you to expand on your own personal story.

Empower yourself by deciding that you’re not going to live according to a set of general rules—make your life incredibly specific.

And don’t use outside theories to judge your happiness or progress. Have your own self-defined standards to use as your basis.

It’s by adapting the mindset of the specific narrative that you’ll be able to be more creative and productive, and free yourself up to play a bigger game. This is what being an entrepreneur is all about—defining your life on your terms.