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We Do What We Do For Moments Like This: Backstage Pass With Hamish MacDonald

At Strategic Coach®, we talk about making your company totally a self-managing one, then multiplying it by 10x. So we’re all about business, right?

Actually, no.

We don’t often say the words because they can sound trite, but, seriously, the Strategic Coach Program® is about people transforming their life—their business life, family life, the life of their whole community.

Want to meet some of them? We’ve got a new video on our home page in which a few of our clients share—and celebrate!—the wins they’ve accomplished using what they’ve learned in the Program.

WARNING: You may cry!

The team members who made this video—in the true spirit of a Self-Managing Company—took the idea and ran with it start to finish, all on the sly. They unveiled their work to the entire Strategic Coach team at our quarterly company meeting just before the holidays, and many of us were moved to tears of joy and pride. (Not me, of course. I was stoically—sniff, snuffle—eating corn nuts.)

Have a look at this video and you’ll understand why we really do what we do—and what the freedom of having a successful entrepreneurial business lets you experience in life.

What would you do if you had a Self-Managing Company? Tell us in the comments!