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We’re on a WinStreak™! Are you?

Earlier this year, we made the decision to enter the exciting world of app development—and we couldn’t be happier that we did!

You may have seen Shawn Achor’s compelling TED talk or book, The Happiness Advantage, that present the scientific research showing how being happy actually makes you smarter and more capable. We’ve known this from years of direct experience with our successful entrepreneur clients: When they’re confident and focused on the positive, everything else works better too. So, our new app, WinStreak, is our latest and most powerful tool to keep people in this optimal state of mind.

The idea stemmed from our visionary and fearless leader, Dan Sullivan who has a simple strategy for staying out of The Gap—a dangerous “no man’s land” for any entrepreneur—using something he calls “the three wins.”

What is The Gap?

We call the distance between the ideal result that you’re aiming for and your present point of progress “The Gap” and liken it to the horizon—no matter how far we go, the “ideal,” like the horizon, is still always in the distance. Much wiser to look back and compare your progress with the point you started from. The ideal is a great motivator to get started, but using it to measure progress is debilitating.

So you can see why it’s important to have strategies, or mind “tricks,” that keep us taking charge and moving forward—mind tricks that keep us winning and celebrating those wins.

Winning the game of life.

It was from this thinking that WinStreak was born. The idea was to create a simple tool that develops the habit of keeping you focused on your goals while recognizing and celebrating your achievements, or “wins,” along the way. We wanted an app that, at the end of every day, regardless of what happened, focused users on what their biggest wins were and maximized that momentum to plan wins for the next day. It’s based entirely on a simple premise: Life is a game, and we can set it up every day so we’re always winning.

WinStreak is available, free, in the Apple App Store. (We’re working hard to bring it to other mobile platforms as quickly as possible.) We have big plans for this app, so stay tuned for updates and upgrades!

How long can you keep a WinStreak going?

Early in the project, Dan said, “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the world got on a winning streak?” We couldn’t agree more! So, we invite you to download WinStreak; share it with your team, friends, and family; and start changing how you view your days.

Take charge. Start a new habit. Get on a WinStreak. It’s that easy.

If you’ve been using the app, tell us how it’s going in the comments. Has it been helping you to keep momentum going?

To download: