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Who’s At Coach: Paul Finch

Entrepreneur and Strategic Coach multiplier Paul Finch with his family of Free Days.

Entrepreneur and Strategic Coach multiplier Paul Finch with his family on Free Days.

My name is: Paul Finch

I’m an entrepreneur with a specialty in: Connecting the dots. Looking to provide solutions to whatever people or businesses struggle with.

My company is: Central Meridian Inc.

What we do is: Work with individuals, groups, and businesses to find solutions for their various needs whether it be construction, maintenance, logistics, finance, transportation, or entertainment.

I was born in: Christchurch, New Zealand

I currently reside in: The Republic of Nauru, the smallest independent country in the world.

My first job was: An after school job: mowing lawns and doing gardening for people in the local neighborhood.

The best invention in the world is: The wheel. Think of all the things that go around and around. Where would we be without the wheel?

My greatest skill is: Being able to see something completed in my mind before the task is undertaken.

I’m most inspired by: People who achieve against real odds without compromising their integrity or ethics.

I never travel without: My Bible.

I’m most grateful for: My parents, who gave me true values, principles, and ethics to build my life upon.

The best thing I ever did was: Choose to commit my life to Jesus Christ.

Wildest goal I’ve ever set for myself is: To be a change agent for good in every location and society I live and travel amongst.

The best Free Day* I ever spent was: sharing my 60th birthday with my father, wife, seven children, and five grandchildren in a holiday resort together for ten days.

My biggest advice for new entrepreneurs is: Don’t give up. Be willing to learn from every situation, both good and bad. Have a thankful heart. Be willing to share your abilities with others, and you will gain more than you give.

In ten years, I will be: Enjoying more relaxed time to mentor others, write on various topics of interest, develop more public speaking, and travel more regularly.

*Free Days™ are part of the Strategic Coach® tool, The Entrepreneurial Time System®. A Free Day™ is a 24-hour period free from all work-related thinking and activities.