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Why We Love Multipliers

The word “multiplier” is powerful because it generates exciting thoughts and motivating emotions. It may be the most powerful word in the English language in terms of expanded human ambition, creativity, and productivity. To multiply something is much more powerful than just adding something. Addition is incremental and, though satisfying, is not nearly as exciting as multiplying, which is exponential.

Exponential business growth.

Suggest to anyone the possibility of multiplying their capability, influence, and results, and you will immediately have that person’s keenest interest. Show them how to do this in a simple, practical, and immediate way, and you will have their deepest emotional commitment.

And, even better, if you can show them a whole system of multipliers, in which everything they do leads to exponential growth and results, then you will have their total attention for life.

What would you do if there were two of you?

Here’s a simple test to prove my point. Have you ever wished there were two of you? I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t. And whenever I ask someone what they would do if there were two of them, the thought of what would be possible if they could double their results, productivity, and time produces extraordinarily positive and exciting images in their imaginations. Their eyes light up, they get a big smile on their face, and they immediately ask if I know how they could do this.

Now, it’s not possible (yet) to actually multiply someone physically — that is, to create exact duplicates of a person. But we have all manner of resources and tools around us in the 21st century that multiply our ability to get things done quickly and more easily.

Multiplier Teamwork

One of the more obvious multipliers is teamwork. Properly focused and aligned with each other, two people can triple the results that each of them could achieve alone. An effective team of ten can achieve 50 times more than ten individuals on their own.

But there are many other kinds of multipliers that have developed and been put to great use over the past 200 years. In this blog, I’ll talk about what these multipliers are, their implications for how we live, and how to apply multipliers in your life and business to exponentially increase your results.

My next post will focus on the evolution of a “Multiplier Mindset” in society and why it’s vitally important to be skilled at creating multipliers if you want to remain in control of your future as the world changes around you.

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