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147% Business Growth In One Year, with Jayson Lowe

As soon as he became aware of COVID, entrepreneur Jayson Lowe got his team together and told them they had two choices: advance or retreat. After everyone committed to advancing, Jayson assured them that all their jobs were safe. And after one year in this uncharted territory, his company grew 147%.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why Jayson doesn’t look for great fits for his team, but rather great additions.
  • The philanthropic efforts Jayson and his team have made from their “profit pool.”
  • How he both hires and fires according to the company’s vision.
  • What he does to elevate trust on his team.
  • Why his team members aren’t afraid to make mistakes.
Show Notes: 
  • Natural byproduct: If you set a target for the number of people you want to serve, revenue and profit will naturally be a byproduct of that.
  • From within: You can’t teach someone to truly care. That can only come from within.
  • Need support: Entrepreneurs should never try to do things alone because they need support from key team members.
  • Great outside: Ideally, the great people on your team associate with great people outside of your organization.
  • High frustration: Nothing will frustrate a high performance team more than watching a leader tolerating someone who isn’t a right fit.
  • Accountability: By assigning measurable goals, entrepreneurs can establish accountability of results without accountability of time.
  • Don’t be an obstacle: If you try to control everything that happens inside of your company, you’ll become an obstacle to the company’s growth.
  • Coached, not managed: People don’t want to be managed, they want to be coached.
  • Autonomous ideas: The more autonomy you give to your team, the more ideas you’ll be inspired by.