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Applying Thinking Tools To Work And Home, with Eric Roman

Eric Roman is an entrepreneur with experience in the health care field, and he currently has a hand in half a dozen ventures. With the Strategic Coach® thinking tool The Gap And The Gain, which involves measuring your progress not against your destination but against where you started, he’s learned to stay connected to everything that’s occurring and to harness and leverage that power.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to give yourself confidence to make new progress.
  • How The Gap And The Gain concept can be used in children’s education.
  • Why measuring your progress against the ideal is a mistake.
  • Why Eric comes back to The Gap And The Gain more than any other thinking tool.

Show Notes:

  • Recognize your gains: If you don't spend time recognizing your gains, nobody else will. 
  • Learning power: There's power in learning that you're learning.
  • Living a lie: Many entrepreneurs live the lie that everything is about what they're doing in the business. 
  • Work and home: What happens to us at work goes with us to our homes, and vice versa.
  • Supported parenting: You can teach your children to use the thinking tools that work for you. 


  • "We started going through the process of validating, isolating, and talking about big gains." -- Eric Roman 
  • "This tool is powerful because of how universal it is. What happens at home doesn't stay at home. It goes with us when we're at work. What happens in our business doesn't stay there either, it goes home with us. That's what life is all about - it's about being connected to the things that are occurring. And this is the most powerful tool to be able to harness and leverage that power, no matter what point in your life." - Eric Roman