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Experience Boundless Opportunity, with Jason O’Neil

Earlier in his entrepreneurial career, Jason O’Neil found himself moving forward but without any vision or clarity as to why he was doing it. Now, having been in The Strategic Coach® Program for over ten years, Jason describes his life as being more exciting and filled with boundless opportunity.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • How Jason plans to grow his real estate business 10x.
  • What he discovered his clients value most about him.
  • Why projects go smoothly when there’s confidence on both sides.
  • What Jason loves about being in The Strategic Coach Program.

Show Notes:

A different angle: When a solution isn’t obvious, you have to come at the problem from a different angle.

To clarify: There are times you have to simplify things in order to gain clarity in your thinking.

Not a trait: Confidence is a skill and a habit, not a trait.

Can’t count on: If you can’t count on someone to come through with something small, you won’t have confidence in their coming through on big projects.


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