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Finding Life Balance As An Entrepreneur, with Beth Kraszewski

As a child, Beth Kraszewski witnessed the change that Strategic Coach® mindsets made in her father, allowing him to be fully present with the family when he wasn’t working. Now an adult, and an entrepreneur herself, Beth credits Strategic Coach mindsets with helping her get what she wants in both her work and personal life.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Beth saw the difference that entrepreneurial coaching made in her father. 
  • The positive entrepreneurial mindsets Beth was raised with.
  • What allowed Beth to find opportunities, not just challenges, when COVID hit.
  • How Beth has been able to make a positive impact even while away from the office.

Show Notes: 

  • Not well managed: One symptom of being an entrepreneur is not doing well at being managed.
  • Momentum and power: Focusing on the achievements you’ve made and how far you’ve come creates momentum and power going forward.
  • No and yes: You need to say no to things so you can properly focus on the things you say yes to.
  • Taking time off: The general idea in the world is that you have to work hard to earn time off, but taking time off is actually key to working well.
  • The bigger purpose: Entrepreneurial coaching can help you realize the bigger purpose of the company you’re running, more than just making money.
  • Not just yourself: In challenging situations, you can focus on how you can serve others rather than focus on yourself.
  • Measuring backwards: You have to measure back to where you started, not compare yourself to others or to where you think you should be.
  • Not wanting retirement: If your work brings you energy and utilizes your capabilities, you won’t want to retire.