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From A Yellow Taxi To Global Business Success, with Sunny Kaila

Sunny Kaila grew up on a farm in India. Now, he’s a tech entrepreneur with a company based out of Jersey City, New Jersey, that operates globally, with offices in India and the Philippines. In this episode, Sunny talks about the entrepreneur motivation and experiences that have led him here.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • What it was like to move to the U.S. as a teen who spoke no English.
  • How Sunny moved from taxi driving into the tech world.
  • Why Sunny focuses on people, not money.
  • Where Sunny thinks his resilience comes from.
  • How The Strategic Coach® Program has changed Sunny’s perspective.

Show Notes:

Taking the entrepreneurial path is not what’s expected of most people.

Farmers are entrepreneurs because they don’t get a fixed income.

As a cab driver, you have to earn the job every day.

Hard work is important, but you also need emotional intelligence to succeed.

Always be challenging yourself to do more smart work to achieve your dream.

You have to be a good CEO for yourself, focusing on your health and your family as well as your career and your legacy.

It’s always easier to earn money than to earn people.

What might serve you best is serving other people.

In entrepreneurism, there is always uncertainty.

If you’re a good leader of yourself, that has ripple effects throughout your company.

Strategic Coach® isn’t just for entrepreneurship; it’s to live a good life.


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Episode Transcript:
Dan Sullivan: Hi, this is Dan Sullivan, and I'd like to welcome you to the Multiplier Mindset podcast. My Free Zone success story today is Sunny Kaila and he's been in my workshops for about three years, starting with a 10x workshop, and I just got back from our annual Free Zone Summit. So he's in the workshop and I've been coaching since 1974, so I'm in my 49th year of coaching entrepreneurs. And everything I've done over the first 48 years was worth just having someone tell the story that Sunny tells and the way he told the story.
He makes reference in his comments about podcasts I did, and it's about the fact that entrepreneurs by nature are immigrants. To be an entrepreneur is to be an immigrant because you're generally leaving behind a whole way of life where the whole notion of being an entrepreneur is strange to people. Their notion is that, get educated, go to college, and they're going to come out and they're going to get a job. And used to be that you got a job for life with a certain organization and now it may be five different jobs, but it's all about getting a job.
And for some reason there's individuals who, there's a fork in the road very early in their life where they say, "I might get a job out of necessity, but I'm not going to stay with a job and I'm going to become an entrepreneur." There's the entrepreneurial immigrant stories and then there's entrepreneurs like Sunny who can tell, it's like the triple immigration story. So this all started as a farm boy in India. I just feel so rewarded and there's nothing I can tell you about what Sunny's going to say that Sunny didn't tell it better than I can tell it.
Sunny Kaila: My name is Sunny Kaila. I have a technology company. I'm a tech entrepreneur based out of Jersey City, New Jersey, right next to the Freedom Tower. But we are global operations with offices in Philippines and India. We do IT infrastructure management for small businesses through MSPs, like managed service providers, or IT companies that take care of IT for small businesses. We are the managed service provider of those managed service providers that provide service to SMBs. So to make it simple, a tech entrepreneur with the focus on taking care of small and medium-sized business’ technology. We all entrepreneurs have a very unique story to share, and my entrepreneurial journey started in 2003 in New York City.