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Get The Maximum Return On Life, with Maurice Patane

An entrepreneur in the financial planning field, Maurice Patane’s business is focused on helping people live even happier lives by eliminating their financial concerns. In this episode, he shares some of the wisdom he’s gained in his career so far, including thinking tools from The Strategic Coach® Program.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • Why Maurice asks clients to write their own eulogies.
  • Why you need to have a deep understanding of your clients.
  • What Maurice has gained by being genuine and authentic.
  • A way to reach your big goals much faster.
  • How daily micro actions can result in exponential growth.
  • Why Maurice will always be part of Strategic Coach®, no matter what.

Show Notes:

  • Simply saying, “Tell me more” opens up a substantial conversation.
  • Focus on the smallest viable audience that believes in your purpose.
  • When someone has too much on their mind, they can’t think properly about the future.
  • The brain wasn’t designed to keep track of everything we need and want to do.
  • If you want to grow 10X, you have to focus on others’ success, not your own.
  • Often, what’s stopping someone from living the life they want to live is ignorance around money.
  • When someone stops being ignorant about money, they’re able to envision a bigger and better future.
  • The mind is for having ideas, but not necessarily holding them.
  • When you make clients feel better, they’ll refer you to others.
  • In conversations about financial planning, the client’s underlying question is always, “Am I okay?”
  • It’s important to remain curious about others and engaged in what they’re telling you.
  • Entrepreneurship can be lonely, and being part of a group that understands you has powerful benefits.


The Strategic Coach Signature Program

The Lifetime Extender® exercise — My Plan For Living To 156 by Dan Sullivan

Episode Transcript:
Dan Sullivan: Hi, this is Dan Sullivan. I'd like to welcome you to the Multiplier Mindset Podcast. So I have a great entrepreneur from Australia. He comes from a town called Malvern, which is just south and east of Melbourne. So if you look kind of in the eastern lower part of Australia at the map, you'll find Malvern. Google will find it for you.
Such a pleasure because Maurice joined the 10x Program by Zoom, and I've been very, very impressed with him in the last two or three workshops we've had in 10x connectors. And he's such a pleasure to listen to. He's very articulate, he's very thoughtful. He gave one of the probably masterclass explanation of how to think about 10x is easier than 2x.
Just a fantastically qualitative way of understanding 10x that most people, when they think of 10x, they think of quantitatively 10x. But you don't get 10x quantity unless you start with 10x quality. So he's got a great example of micro investments that you make. And the most important thing is that you realize right up front that if you're going to go 10x, it can't be about you, it's about them.
Maurice Patane: Maurice Patane is my name. I live in Melbourne in Australia and operate a financial planning business, which is focused on helping people live even happier lives by eliminating financial concerns that they have in their life. I've been involved with Strategic Coach now, I think it's six years, gone through the Signature Program and now in the 10x Program.
So operating a financial planning business which revolves around lifestyle, and it's very, very focused on the individual client and having a holistic approach to achieving outcomes. We often say it's about return on life as opposed to return on investment.