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Have More Fun And Get Bigger Results, with Tim Thackrah

Dental surgeon Tim Thackrah has had entrepreneurial involvement in many companies, including some outside of the dental industry. In this episode, he shares what he’s learned that’s allowing him to have more fun than ever in business and to get bigger results than he ever could before.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

• How Tim learned that it’s better not to do everything yourself.

• The skills that can be applied to any business.

• What’s convinced Tim of the value of The Strategic Coach® Program.

• How Tim is the same person no matter what business he’s working on.

Show Notes:

Keep on forever: When you focus on what you enjoy doing, it gives you more energy, and you can keep on doing it forever.

Just do it: If you just get on and do it, results come faster than you’d expect.

Takes everyone: It takes everyone to build a better culture for your business.

At least 10x: If you invest in your team, you’ll be paid back at least ten times over.

Same language: It makes a big difference when you’re communicating with people who speak the same business language as you do.

Wrong direction: If you keep your head down and just keep on working, you might eventually find you’ve been going in the wrong direction.