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How To Achieve Maximum Freedom In Your Life, with Dave Van Buskirk

The Strategic Coach® concept of the Four Freedoms refers to ever-expanding freedom of time, money, relationship, and purpose—what every entrepreneur strives for. In this episode, financial advisor Dave Van Buskirk shares, “As long as I keep to what I learn in Strategic Coach, as long as I keep my eye on the Four Freedoms, and as long as I go back to my workshop every 90 days, I can get through anything.”

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • The freedom that was one of Dave’s reasons for becoming an entrepreneur.
  • The incredible difference having the Four Freedoms makes when you’re trying to have balance in your life.
  • How Dave has learned to be positive during potentially stressful times.
  • The way that Dave has introduced his children to Coach concepts and tools.
  • The advice that Dave has for young entrepreneurs.

Show Notes:

Entrepreneurs are the one category of individuals on the planet who have no limits on how much they can increase their Four Freedoms.

Everyone wants the Four Freedoms in their lives when they’re working, but there are few jobs where you can get them.

When you’re working, everything affects everything else.

For most people, the number one purpose of working is to do better for your loved ones.

Stress at work can affect what’s happening at home, and vice versa.

When you’re starting out, it’s important that you spend a lot of hours working.

If you’re too burned out, you’re not going to be good for anybody.

Even when entrepreneurs are all doing the same thing, in each case, they're applying it uniquely to what their life is and what they want their future to be.


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The 25-Year Framework by Dan Sullivan

The Gap And The Gain by Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy

The Positive Focus®

The Gratitude Principle by Dan Sullivan

Episode Transcript:
Dan Sullivan: Hi, this is Dan Sullivan. I’d like to welcome you to the Multiplier Mindset podcast. Today’s Free Zone Frontier story is from David Van Buskirk. David lives in Grapevine, Texas, which is northwest of Dallas. David loves the central promise of Strategic Coach, and that is the Four Freedoms for entrepreneurs. And the Four Freedoms for entrepreneurs is ever-expanding Freedom of Time, expanding Freedom of Money, expanding Freedom of Relationship, and expanding Freedom of Purpose. And you do that by the constant development of all the other concepts and tools in Strategic Coach.
Dave just organizes his life around his quarterly workshops with Strategic Coach, where every time he comes, every 90 days, he has measurable progress that has freedom in those four areas—time, money, relationship, and purpose have increased. The way we look at it in Strategic Coach is that you should give yourself 25 years in thinking about the future. Those 25 years are broken down into 100 quarters. And every 90 days, you will make progress in expanding your Freedom of Time, Money, Relationship, and Purpose. Entrepreneurs are the one category of individuals on the planet who have no limits on how much they can increase their Four Freedoms.
So Dave says, “I’ve had some real rough times. I had a particular situation where at the same time, my daughter was sick in a way that really concerned me.” And he says, “And I had three team members leave. And it seemed trouble was coming to me from all sides and enormous stress and pressure.” But he says, “As long as I kept to what I was learning in Strategic Coach, as long as I kept my eye on the Four Freedoms, and I go back to my workshop every 90 days,” he said, “I can get through anything.” And that’s exactly what he reports when he came out the other side. So he said, “This is just the greatest way to think about your future growth as an individual, as an entrepreneurial company, as a parent, someone with deep relationships. That if you’re constantly increasing your freedom of time, money, relationship, and purpose, you’re the best possible person for everybody else in your life.”