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How To Have Real Impact As An Entrepreneurial Leader, with Will Duke

When Will Duke was introduced to his first thinking concept in The Strategic Coach® Program, he was worried he’d just entered a cult. Since then, he’s found success and happiness by implementing various Coach tools into his life and entrepreneurial career in the field of security integration.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • What led Will to making his health a priority.
  • Why he stopped obsessing about competitors.
  • What’s allowed Will to spend time away from work without worrying.
  • Why his company now does workshops instead of sales presentations.
  • The reason why his company deals only with Strategic Coach-connected consultants.

Show Notes:

Someone becomes an entrepreneur in the first place for freedom.

Entrepreneurs can experience a change where their motivation goes from being about freedom to being only about money.

In order to change as a human, something has to affect you emotionally.

If you find yourself feeling nervous, that might mean you’re growing.

Helping your clients think better can set you above the competition.

Making an appointment to return to your clients shows you want to help them in the long term.

You can find people who love doing the things you don’t.

It gives you confidence to know you’re thinking differently than any of your competitors.

Entrepreneurs tend to put themselves last, not first.

It’s best to know whether someone would be a great client before they become a client and you get invested.


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Episode Transcript:
Dan Sullivan: Hi, this is Dan Sullivan. I'd like to welcome you to the Multiplier Mindset podcast. Today's Free Zone Frontier Transformation is Will Duke. And Will is in a very, very hot industry, which is security systems for companies. Not just security systems for physical security, but also data security. His story is a very poignant story because a lot of entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs because they really do not want to be employees. In other words, they don't consider working for someone else to be a real freeing, freedom-based way of living their lives. And then they become an entrepreneur and then they get real busy and then they get real confused about a lot of the challenges that they've taken on as an entrepreneur. And then things get very, very complicated and they get very discouraged and then they start questioning why they became an entrepreneur in the first place.
My one answer to all those people of why everything has become confusing and complicated is that they forgot the reason why they became an entrepreneur in the first place. And instead of it being about freedom, it became about straight out money. And then the money doesn't have enough reward in it to actually make them feel very excited and optimistic about their future because it just looks like more and more confusion and complexity. And they're tired and they’re fatigued.
And I think some of my greatest satisfaction is seeing how quickly, when someone joins Strategic Coach, there's this sudden simplification of their notion of why they became an entrepreneur. But the big thing is, they get reminded very clearly why they became an entrepreneur in the first place, and it's for freedom. And freedom is the whole game as far as being an entrepreneur.