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How To Navigate Rough Entrepreneurial Waters, with Teresa Easler

Associate Coach Teresa Easler has been a full-time entrepreneur since 1984. She works with organizations to develop market messages that capture what’s unique about them, and she coaches individuals to become amazing communicators. In this episode,Teresa shares how she got through a big personal and career setback.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How being part of The Strategic Coach® Program helped Teresa get through a tough time.
  • The positive aspect Teresa observed while dissolving a company and going through a divorce.
  • What’s kept Teresa working in the field of communication since she was a kid.
  • Teresa’s qualities that have led her to entrepreneurial success.

Show Notes:

Help you through: Focusing on the most important, basic things can help you through difficult times.

Negative into positive: Transitions that entrepreneurs go through sometimes involve taking a negative and turning it into a positive.

Still an entrepreneur: It’s possible to be an entrepreneur even while you’re working in a corporate job.


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