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Improving Your Business Experiences, with Colleen Bowler

Associate Coach Colleen Bowler guides entrepreneurs in The Strategic Coach® Program through the same types of challenges and opportunities as she faces in her own business. In this episode, she shares what the coaching experience is like for her and how Strategic Coach® tools and structures have helped her to run her business more effectively.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • What coaching individuals from a variety of industries allows Colleen to do.
  • How coaching workshops makes Colleen’s life better.
  • The type of “magic” that occurs in every one of her workshops.
  • What you can do that’s far better than blaming.
  • Some of Colleen’s favorite thinking tools and how she uses them in her business.

Show Notes:

Every time something doesn’t go well, you can use the experience to make sure it goes better the next time.

Entrepreneurism isn’t a way of making money, it’s a way of leading a life.

Working with people outside of your industry lets you think outside the box.

You have to take days completely off from work in order to have quality time with your family members.

Strategic Coach tools work equally well, or even better, outside of work.

If you break your future down into quarters, you never have to worry about anything except for the next 90 days.

When there’s a breakdown, rather than making it about the person, making it about the experience means you can all learn from it.


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Episode Transcript:
Dan Sullivan: Hi, this is Dan Sullivan. I'd like to welcome you to the Multiplier Mindset Podcast. Today's Free Zone Frontier transformation story is a great friend of ours in Strategic Coach, Colleen Bowler. And Colleen has been a longtime entrepreneurial participant in Strategic Coach and also one of our associate coaches. I really met her just as she was becoming a coach, and she's actually the first coach that we have in The Strategic Coach Program who wasn't coached by me before she came into the Program. She was coached by another one of our coaches, and I remember the day that I met her in Chicago. We had time together and she told a story about what an impact just one of the tools in Strategic Coach had. And it was about Free Days, of actually taking Free Days. And then for the first time in her business career feeling it was not only okay, but it was fabulous to actually just take free time with the people who meant the most to her.
She says, "I feel so fortunate that I had learned how to take Free Days and I could actually spend time with the person who meant the most in my life." And she said, "I just so love these thinking tools in Strategic Coach, not just for my business life, because it's multiplied 10 times, 15 times, but it's really just how it's allowed me to actually enjoy what life is all about. And that is feeling completely free to be with the people who mean the most to me." And I've got letters going back 25, 30 years from six-year-olds, eight-year-olds, 10-year-olds who said, "Thank you for giving us our father back" or "Thank you for giving us our mother back." And I take a lot of pride in the financial success of our clients and it's constant. So if you're coming every quarter and you're saying, what worked about my business and what's not working about my business, and this is my game plan for the next 90 days, the money's always going to increase. The money's always going to be better.