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Investing For Your Freedom, with Bill Bloom

At a young age, Bill Bloom knew that he wanted to become an entrepreneur and take responsibility for his own financial security. At 27, he started his own company, but spent two years doing everything himself.

After joining The Strategic Coach® Program, Bill learned a better way to do things, hiring team members so that he could spend time only on the activities in his business that he loved doing. And almost eight years later, he has the freedoms he’s sought while running a successful business that helps people manage their money.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What inspired Bill’s resolve to become an entrepreneur.
  • What his goal is in helping clients manage their finances.
  • Why his first two years as an entrepreneur were very difficult.
  • How hiring his first team member changed everything.
  • What’s allowed his company to grow its revenue 10x in about seven years.

Show Notes:

  • Having a Self-Managing Company® frees you up to work on big, game-changing ideas and projects.
  • Spending money to receive coaching isn’t a cost, but an investment.
  • Most of us aren’t taught about money management growing up.
  • Entrepreneurs should aim to spend all of their time doing what they love and what they’re good at.
  • Having the right team isn’t about delegating, but about finding the right people to be part of your organization.
  • It’s best to allow your team members to do what they do best and not micromanage them.


  • "Our concept of the Self-Managing Company and what it requires is that you just identify your Unique Ability as an entrepreneur and take every activity out that isn't your Unique Ability. In other words, you're really good at it and you love doing it." - Dan Sullivan
  • "Your free yourself up through a series of teamwork steps where you bring on other people who are much better at the thing that you're good at." - Dan Sullivan
  • "Your time is the most important thing. That's your most important asset." - William Bloom


What would it meant to you to have the Unique Ability advantage?