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Leveraging Entrepreneurial Failure For Greater Success, with Garnet Morris

For entrepreneur Garnet Morris, entrepreneurial failure is the pathway to success. In this episode, Garnet shares his story of failures and opportunities and why he credits his mindset as the driving force behind his 10x growth.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • No entrepreneur has all the right answers. Ongoing growth demands embracing failure and change.
  • Failure holds key insights that can create new value and opportunities.
  • Why entrepreneurs should strive to be more alert, curious, responsive, and resourceful.
  • The importance of being coachable and open to collaborations with others.

Show Notes:

Don’t be an obstacle: If you try to control what you're not great at, you’ll become an obstacle to the company’s growth.

Transform any experience: You have the ability to turn any experience into growth and progress.

Something brand new: Through collaboration, you create something brand new that neither collaborator could have achieved on their own.

Community benefits: Being part of an entrepreneurial community includes benefits beyond just information.