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Making Shopping Safer, with Sabrina Noorani

After a very bad allergic reaction to a skin cream, Sabrina Noorani discovered that there was no standardization for ingredient lists on product labels. So she started ClearForMe, a centralized platform that works with brands and retailers to provide ingredient education and transparency to customers.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why ingredient lists on products can be confusing or misleading.
  • Why it took almost two years of struggling to get the business off the ground.
  • The reason ClearForMe didn’t end up being a consumer-facing business.
  • The benefits Sabrina has experienced from joining an entrepreneurial coaching program.

Show notes:

  • Checking goals: If you set measurable goals and check on them, you’ll avoid feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything.
  • Different names: There are many different ways that certain common ingredients can be listed on product labels.
  • Setting deadlines: Setting a deadline for something can light a fire under you to get it done.
  • Goals first: Setting a measurable goal right off the bat means you’ll realize sooner if a method isn’t working.
  • Issues in common: Entrepreneurs can relate to one another’s issues even if they’re in entirely different industries.