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Stand In Your Power, with Christina Arcangioli

Self-described “serial entrepreneur” Christina Arcangioli is living her life in service of her goals, whether that’s as a CEO, a mother, or a community supporter. In this episode, she shares what’s allowed her to thrive in the roles she’s chosen and to never pass up a good opportunity.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • What Christina has learned and applied over the past three years from The Strategic Coach® Program.
  • How she’s always aimed to take one opportunity and grow it into another.
  • In what way entrepreneurial payoffs differ from non-entrepreneurial ones.
  • What Christina considers the biggest growth she’s had in the past six years.
  • What’s behind Christina’s passion for money.
  • The right kinds of people to surround yourself with.

Show Notes:

Work for you: Instead of working for money, you can have money work for you.

Not every step: An entrepreneur can focus on the goal and doesn’t have to be involved in every step along the way to get there.

Having personal support: Having great personal support can allow you to go out and create the business you’re looking for.

Not be present: You don’t take on roles in order to not be present for those moments.

The rest will come: You don’t have to have all the answers. Have a great idea, and the rest will come.

Look inside: When you experience a rough patch, take the time to look inside, and doors will open.

Day to day: Your day-to-day actions support the mission that you’re on. Haven’t experienced: People who seem to be naysayers haven’t experienced the freedoms or opportunities you have.