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The Only Way To Be Free, with Erick Holliday

From a young age, Erick Holliday had the entrepreneurial drive. After 9/11 ended his advertising business, he spent many years as an employee. Then, after the 2008/2009 economic downturn and a personal tragedy, Erick’s eyes were opened to the fact that his career wasn’t just about making money, but about the impact he wanted to have on his family, his community, and the world. Now, he’s CEO of a company in the medical field and an investor in several other companies. 

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode: 

  • How Erik employed his entrepreneurial attitude even when he was an employee.
  • How his time as an employee put Erik in a great position to take charge of his own future.
  • How joining the Strategic Coach Program™ led Erik to having freedom for the first time.
  • The importance of using your conscious mind properly.
  • Why Erik welcomes resistance.

Show Notes:

  • Doesn’t work well: Being an idea person doesn’t always work well in a corporate setting.
  • Not happier: Working harder than other people doesn’t mean you’re happier than other people.
  • Conscious level: The people who usually suffer are the ones working from the conscious level of mind.
  • Specific instructions: You have to give your mind specific instructions in order to get a specific output.
  • More resistance: A lot of people avoid resistance, which leads to more resistance.
  • No other solution: There’s no solution for getting on solid ground as a new entrepreneur other than working really hard.