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Utilizing Negative Experiences, with Jeffrey Mark

In 2008, entrepreneur Jeffrey Mark was $1 million in debt and told that his interior design/architecture project management company would have to shut down. Now, the company is experiencing huge success and has expanded its operation to two countries. In this episode, he explains how he turned things around so drastically.

Listen in to find out:
  • How Jeffrey learned to take more from negative experiences than just negatives.
  • Why he looks forward to being among like-minded entrepreneurs at Strategic Coach every quarter.
  • How he determined what support he needs to find outside his company.
  • How he gains “bigger picture” understanding about his entrepreneurial life.
  • How he manages to stay away from negative mindsets in his work life.
  • The best way to recognize what you’ve accomplished.
Show Notes:
  • Measuring your progress and achievement backward to where you started can help you feel good about your present.
  • Learning how to feel good about yourself is priceless.
  • When you’re feeling low, you can’t necessarily concentrate to get things done.
  • Coaching tools can help you reframe your experiences so that they’re positive for your present.
  • Speaking to people who’ve been in a similar situation to you can be helpful.
  • You shouldn’t take for granted that you got out of a negative situation. Rather, utilize the experience going forward.