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What Entrepreneurial Coaching Is Really About, with Geoff Carnevale

Mortgage broker and lender Geoff Carnevale used to be a one-man show. Now, he knows much better ways to do things. In this episode, Geoff talks about some misconceptions people have about entrepreneurial coaching and shares some of the incredible tips he’s learned in The Strategic Coach® Program.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • What people think Strategic Coach® does that it does not.
  • Why you should sometimes pull the trigger on getting something done more quickly.
  • Why a desire for control in his life is in Geoff’s DNA.
  • Why it’s not always on you to solve problems.
  • Why Geoff used to feel he had a job, not a business.

Show Notes:

Not unique: Entrepreneurs starting out think their problems are unique, but the reality is that they’re not.

Keeps you accountable: To reach your goals, you can create a game plan that keeps you accountable.

Accomplish quicker: It’s not that you wouldn’t accomplish your goals without coaching, but that coaching can help you accomplish your goals much quicker.

Might be different: What you want might be totally different from what another entrepreneur wants.

Very similar issues: When Coach clients hit a stumbling block, they’re in a room with many other entrepreneurs who have probably dealt with very similar issues.

Make a plan: If you think about what you want to have in the future, you can then make a plan to get there.

More invested: If you include team members in decision making and planning, they feel more invested in the business.

When you invest: When you invest in yourself, which can include hiring other people, you do well.


The 4 Entrepreneurial Freedoms: Create Your Own Self-Managing Company

Who Not How by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Ben Hardy

Episode Transcript:
Dan Sullivan: Hi, this is Dan Sullivan, I'd like to welcome you to the Multiplier Mindset podcast. I'd like to introduce you to an entrepreneur in Toronto, Geoff Carnevale. He's in the mortgage business. He tells a story that I think really points out something, why small businesses stay small. And the reason is because most entrepreneurs—those who consider themselves entrepreneurs—don't actually have a company. What they have is a job. And their goal, actually, is to see if they can do everything in the job by themselves.
And I can tell you from coaching entrepreneurs for almost 50 years, that doesn't work. And it's not just that you don't grow, it's that it isn't a good way to live. It isn't a good way to work.
Okay, and Geoff starts off with what I think for him was probably a very unhappy experience, in that he was trying to do everything himself. And it ended up with him not doing what he really needed to do, and oftentimes putting himself in a position where he actually failed to follow through on promises that he had made to his customers. Okay?
And as you know, the business of getting mortgages actually has to happen quickly. There's a very, very narrow window of opportunity when your mortgage broker has to get the funding secured, and has to meet the deadlines of the clients. And he had a situation that really scared him, because he almost waited too late to actually do the work. And that forced him to examine his life and examine how he was looking at things. And about that point, he joined Strategic Coach.
Geoff Carnevale: My name is Geoff Carnevale. I'm a mortgage broker and lender here in Toronto, Ontario. My primary market is the Southern Ontario, the GTA, and just kind of the outskirts of that.
For any entrepreneur, it's not like you go in into Strategic Coach, and now they've given you this whole other game plan that you didn't think of. It just kind of helps you organize your thoughts as to what it is you want. And then, essentially, just kind of make a game plan to get there. Keeps you a little bit accountable.