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Your Vision Is Your Contribution, with Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is the CEO of two successful businesses, one of which is growing over 3,000% per year. In this episode, he shares what’s led to his success and happiness in business.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • How Chris first experienced entrepreneurism at his 16th birthday party.
  • The innovative model Chris created for his corporate recruiting company.
  • How the Strategic Coach® book WhoNotHow influenced his approach to running companies.
  • How and why Chris works toward the goal of being able to have his companies run without him.
  • What allowed him to get back to the reasons he started his companies in the first place.

Show Notes:

Less joy: You’ll experience less joy if you’re doing an activity you’re not great at.

Hustle and grind: The idea that an entrepreneur can only build their business through “hustle and grind” is false.

Clear direction: An entrepreneur’s main contribution to their company is clear direction.

Out of a job: To reach the goal of your company being able to run without you, you almost have to put yourself out of a job.

Perfect perspective: No day is going to be a perfect day, but you can have a perfect perspective.

Frees you up: Paying someone else to do a job you’re doing frees you up to move the company forward.


WhoNotHow by Dan Sullivan

The Impact Filter

The Self-Managing Company®

Unique Ability®

The Strategic Coach® Program

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