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Parenting and Entrepreneurs with Julia Waller

Julia Waller, Unique Ability® Specialist and coach from Strategic Coach®, and André discuss how the entrepreneur parent can empower their kids by learning the Unique Ability® of their kids. They discuss how being curious about how and why your kids do what they do and letting them do it their way is empowering to your kids.

As a result, you’ll improve and deepen your relationship with your kids.

André and Julia both recommend the following assessments for your kids: Kolbe Student Aptitude Quiz and the student version of CliftonStrengths®.

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CliftonStrengths Assessment: Know Your Child’s Top 3 Strengths

About the Author

Julia Waller is all about uncovering people’s passions and talents, allowing them to be not only who they truly are, but to be their “best self.” She’s an invaluable resource for our clients and our team.

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