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Solving Life's Problems Through Unique Ability with Julia Waller

When Julia Waller started her exploration into the Unique Ability® process, she had no idea it would lead her to uncover a hidden world of natural talents and strengths that could be unlocked. Through her dedication and empathetic coaching style, she guides her clients on a journey of self-discovery, helping them to fully realize their potential and create meaningful, lasting change in their lives. But how will this transformational process affect them in the long run?

In this episode, Julia takes you through the process of how Bill discovered and capitalized on his extraordinary abilities for self-satisfaction and accomplishment. They will also share how learning and embracing your Unique Ability leads to fortifying financial strategies while fostering valuable rapport with clients as retirement approaches. Your Unique Ability is something important to understand about yourself—make sure you tune in.

Meet Julia Waller, a renowned Unique Ability specialist with Strategic Coach® who is focused on guiding financial planners to discover their strengths and leverage them for success. Julia offers a personalized approach to coaching, helping her clients uncover their hidden talents and use them to thrive in their businesses. Through her expertise in the Unique Ability process, Julia has been instrumental in transforming the lives and careers of countless financial professionals, enabling them to reach new heights in their field.

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Show notes:

[1:41] What is Unique Ability?

[3:44] Strategic solution solver

[9:38] The idea man

[13:50] Genuine ways to relate to people

[20:21] Learn when to say NO

[32:50] The power of learning, embracing, and using your Unique Ability

[36:10] Outro


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