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"Scary Times" Skills Exercise

Although entrepreneurs are used to operating in situations that most people would find scary, they can still easily lose confidence when faced with a scary event. For this reason, Dan Sullivan underlines the importance of staying mindful in scary situations. The benefit? An incredible boost of transparency, confidence, and clarity around the event itself. After all, if we don't take the time to think about our thinking and discuss it with others, it will only get scarier. 

To help entrepreneurs approach the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak through this lens, Dan created the "Scary Times" Skills tool. It's an extremely useful resource for anyone doubting their ability to create value in uncertain times, and has the added benefit of sparking conversations with your team and support networks. 

How to use the "Scary Times" Skills tool: 

1. Identify the scary events that have happened in your life. 

2. Explain why these events were unsettling to you.

3. Reflect on the first two columns, and in the third, write down what lessons or new understanding you gained from these events. 

4. What lifelong skills did you acquire after overcoming the scary situations and their associated obstacles? 

5. Once you've completed these steps, list three discussion topics for yourself and someone else. Our tips: stay mindful of how you approach the conversation. Avoid criticism and complaints! 

The best way to deal with uncertain situations is to recognize that there are lessons you can take from the surrounding circumstances and how you approach them. In the video above, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller share their insights about the "Scary Times" Skills tool and the best, most productive ways to use it in uncertain times.