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From a young age, José Barrios felt like he didn’t fit in, and he eventually realized that it was his entrepreneurial drive that set him apart from most people. Becoming a Strategic Coach® client has helped him connect with the people he wants to work with, given him the tools and perspective he needs to be a good leader, and provided him with the invaluable support of an entrepreneurial community. ►Want to learn more about how Strategic Coach can help you overcome entrepreneurial obstacles? Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to get clear on where you'd like to take your business, what might be standing in your way, and if the Strategic Coach program is a good fit for you. Click here to book your call today: ►For more entrepreneurial tips and wisdom from Strategic Coach®: Facebook: LinkedIn: Podcasts: Twitter: Blog: Guides: Website: Strategic Coach is an organization run by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs and is the recognized world leader in entrepreneurial coaching. For 30 years, we’ve worked with almost 20,000 successful business owners from around the globe to help them achieve faster growth, greater profits, and an exceptional quality of life. Call 1.800.387.3206 from anywhere in North America, 0800 051 6413 from the UK, or 416.531.7399 locally and outside of North America.