Cathy Davis

Cathy is the lead program designer for The Strategic Coach® Program and directly supports Dan Sullivan and Babs Smith in her role as Innovation Manager. She has a huge capacity to take many variables and make them all fit together elegantly and simply. The more complex the situation, the more she’s in her element. Cathy is a wealth of creativity, support, and humor that makes our Program, and our company, better.

  • Courage vs. Confidence

    Courage vs. Confidence

    Every once in a while, you have an experience where the lesson learned leads to a huge jump in your capability. Who knew fear, uncertainty, and discomfort would be the secret sauce to increasing...

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  • Leadership Revolution

    Leadership Revolution

    My biggest area of growth over the past year (or five) has been in understanding and being comfortable with demonstrating leadership. My issue has always been not wanting to be perceived as a...

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  • Mastering Intelligent Resistance: How do you manage collaboration and innovation?

    Mastering Intelligent Resistance: How do you manage collaboration and innovation?

    Obstacle, roadblock, stick-in-the-mud, complication, hindrance, negative-nelly, barrier, obstruction, wet blanket, non-collaborative, hurdle. What are … things I don’t want to be seen as?...

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  • Multi-Asking


    MULTI-ASKING. Nope. This is not a typo. I have officially taken the task out of multitasking. I’m often asked how I can manage all the projects I have on my plate. I’ve thought long and hard about...

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  • Super Glue

    Super Glue

    Brand identity. There is more information floating around the web on this topic than you can shake a stick at. I get it … it’s infinitely important to any organization. It lines up an...

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  • Going once … going twice … SOLD!

    Going once … going twice … SOLD!

    OK, entrepreneurs … picture this: During your commute home from work, you have an AMAZING new breakthrough idea. The next day, you come buzzing into the office and excitedly start delegating...

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  • The Sweet Spot

    The Sweet Spot

    I am a PROJECT MANAGER! To me, this isn’t just a title—it’s a way of being. My talents and skills are all geared toward making things real. It’s about understanding and being sold on a vision (in...

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  • I’m Not The Owner … I Just Act That Way!

    I’m Not The Owner … I Just Act That Way!

    I have an Ownership Attitude. But I’m a team member. What? I’ve seen articles about it, heard our clients discussing their desire for their team members to possess it, and even witnessed fellow...

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