ebooks by Dan Sullivan

These ebooks by Dan Sullivan are published quarterly and share his latest breakthrough ideas on entrepreneurial thinking and strategies to achieve your next level of success.

  • Free Zone Frontier

    Free Zone Frontier

    Achieving competition-free growth and profit.

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  • Who Do You Want To Be A Hero To?

    Who Do You Want To Be A Hero To?

    Answer just one question and clarify who you can always be.

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  • Your Life As A Strategy Circle

    Your Life As A Strategy Circle

    Transforming obstacles into building blocks.

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  • Do you have a Self-Managing Company®?

  • WhoNotHow


    Your single formula for achieving bigger goals through accelerating teamwork.

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  • My Plan For Living To 156

    My Plan For Living To 156

    Dan Sullivan takes you through his Lifetime Extender exercise and reveals the powerful impact it can have on your entire life. Stop being nostalgic about the past and anxious about the future.

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  • Capableism


    Create your bigger future by growing and combining your capabilities. Grow your capability. Grow your collaboration. Grow your business.

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  • Extraordinary Impact Filter

    Extraordinary Impact Filter

    This one tool can save you time and energy, plus filter out everything except the impact you want to have. Use it to start every new project and improve your teamwork, communication and results.

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  • The Game Changer

    The Game Changer

    A blueprint of entrepreneurial mindsets that enable you to create multiplier breakthroughs that transform markets and industries.

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  • ABC Model Breakthrough

    ABC Model Breakthrough

    Shifting your time into activities that fascinate and motivate you.

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  • The Gap And The Gain

    The Gap And The Gain

    Building your progress and happiness entirely on how your brain works for you.

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  • Procrastination Priority

    Procrastination Priority

    Transforming procrastination into your “secret” focusing skill.

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  • The Self-Managing Company

    The Self-Managing Company

    How to build a company that manages itself to growth.

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  • The Mindset Scorecard

    The Mindset Scorecard

    Making every part of your business measurable.

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  • The 10x Mind Expander

    The 10x Mind Expander

    Moving your thinking, performance, and results from linear plodding to exponential breakthroughs.

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  • The 25-Year Framework

    The 25-Year Framework

    Your 21st-century entrepreneurial mindset for continually slowing down time while speeding up your progress over a 25-year period.

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  • Ambition Scorecard

    Ambition Scorecard

    Accelerate your growth in every area of your life.

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  • The 4 C's Formula

    The 4 C's Formula

    Your building blocks of growth: commitment, courage, capability, and confidence.

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  • Wanting What You Want

    Wanting What You Want

    Why getting what you want is incomparably better than getting what you need.

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