Tools And Worksheets

We’re dedicated to helping you set up all the right conditions for exponential growth and entrepreneurial freedom, and the following selection of exercises and worksheets represents just one of the many ways we support entrepreneurs in reaching this bigger, better future. All of these practical tools were designed to give you a new perspective on your business and help multiply your success.

  • The Positive Focus

    The Positive Focus

    Positivity is a skill, not a talent, which means it improves with practice. Download The Positive Focus here to train your brain to look for what’s working (rather than what’s not)!

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  • 4 x 4

    4 x 4

    Effective teamwork is all about communication. Help your team members help you by clearly and explicitly articulating what good and bad performance looks like with a 4x4. (Get it here!)

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  • Back Burner Breakthrough

    Back Burner Breakthrough

    Do you have projects you’ve been putting off? Goals you’ve been meaning to achieve? Use the Back Burner Breakthrough (here) to finally get them off your to-do list (and feel great in the process)!

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  • First 100 Days

    First 100 Days

    Scary times got you down? Access the First 100 Days tool here to create a gameplan for transforming today’s uncertainty and negativity into tomorrow’s bigger future for your business.

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  • The Impact Filter

    The Impact Filter

    Dan Sullivan never hosts a meeting without an Impact Filter, and neither should you. Download it here to bring clarity, intentionality, and purpose to all your goals.

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  • The Communication Builder

    The Communication Builder

    Fact: Everyone needs to communicate, but not everyone communicates the same way. To work more effectively with others, build trust, and avoid conflict, get The Communication Builder now.

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