Hamish MacDonald

Hamish is a talented writer and illustrator whose work you’ll find here and on our website, social media, and marketing. Though he works from afar, we love it when he visits. He’s the perfect “houseguest,” even after three days!

  • Actually, It Helps To Think Inside The Box

    Actually, It Helps To Think Inside The Box

    When I was in Toronto recently, Dan Sullivan and I had another of our “Life, the universe, and everything” conversations. This time, Dan brought up the old question, “Which comes first, language...

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  • Cartoon: The Referability Habits™

    Cartoon: The Referability Habits™

    One of the fundamental concepts of the Strategic Coach® Program is a set of behaviors we call “The Referability Habits.” These basic courtesies might seem obvious, but it’s surprising how often...

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