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Entrepreneurs Transforming Their Businesses From Chaos To Constant Growth

Hear from our clients in the Legal Industry

Join Shannon Waller as she speaks with entrepreneurs from your industry about their experience in Strategic Coach® and why it's the number one workshop program for entrepreneurs.

Strategic Coach clients Katie Rubino, Alex Gerstburg, and Beau Atkins are in different areas of the legal profession and run their firms differently compared to other law firms.

Most law firms have the same culture where the working environment is competitive and cut-throat. Initially, our clients operated in a similar environment, but after joining Strategic Coach, they were able convert chaos into growth. Their mindsets shifted toward tapping into everybody’s Unique Ability in order to foster teamwork and collaboration. Most importantly, they stopped wearing too many hats and started to focus on doing what they love.

While Katie is successfully running one of the fastest-growing law firms in the U.S., Alex has 10x-ed his business and continues to look for growth, and one of our newer clients, Beau, has started to think like an entrepreneur instead of a lawyer, seeking opportunities in a room full of problems.

Strategic Coach brings together a community of entrepreneurs from different industries who are like-minded and passion-driven. We’ve helped over 20,000 entrepreneurs globally to balance their personal and professional lives, and we can help you too!

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