The Positive Focus® Exercise

One of the thinking tools we use frequently at Strategic Coach® is The Positive Focus®. It’s a simple, fast, and extremely effective way to center yourself by focusing on what is working instead of what isn’t.
Want to try it?
Here’s how it works:
1. Write down five achievements you’re proud of.
2. For each achievement, write down why it’s important. 
3. Identify the further progress that will keep the momentum going.
4. Determine the first action you can take. 
When we take a few minutes out of our day to think about and write down our progress and achievements, and the ways we can expand on them, it raises our energy levels and puts us in a more productive and confident frame of mind.
It’s a quick and simple tool to keep yourself focused on the right things. It also works brilliantly in client meetings and calls, weekly meetings with your team, and even at the dinner table with your family.