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Don’t Let Uncertainty Get In The Way Of Business Growth

Every so often, there are major world events that affect things economically and can lead to people feeling a lot of uncertainty. In this episode, business coaches Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller talk about the best business strategy an entrepreneur can take to make sure their business not only survives, but thrives while other people are feeling uncertain about the future.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • How Strategic Coach® acquired a whole new capability during COVID lockdowns.
  • The advice Dan gave clients after 9/11.
  • What a lot of people’s futures depend on.
  • The single question that will renew clients’ sense of their future.
  • Things clients can work on while cash flow is an issue.
  • Why it’s really easy to compete during an economic downturns.
  • Why Dan predicts scary times for most of the world over the coming decades.

Show Notes:

Big companies and corporations make all their gains and market share during bad times.

Economic downturns are always going to happen, so it makes sense to develop a skill around them.

Instead of worrying about yourself, you have to give other people a chance to be clear about their future.

As the leader of the company, your number one daily job during uncertain times is to keep everybody's confidence high.

Everybody is coming from different worlds when they come into work.

You should come out of a period of uncertainty with the same team you went into it with in terms of numbers and in terms of the power of your team.

When uncertainty happens, most people lose their ability to take action.

You haven’t solved a problem until you can laugh about it.

Your job during uncertain times is to go out and create new futures for all of your clients and prospects.

A client’s money is frozen when their brain is frozen.

Resistance and uncertainty are normal for entrepreneurs.

If you allow external forces to control your future, you’re not being an entrepreneur.


The Positive Focus® tool

Scary Times Success Manual by Dan Sullivan

The Dan Sullivan Question by Dan Sullivan

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Episode Transcript:
Shannon Waller: Hi. Shannon Waller here and welcome to Inside Strategic Coach with Dan Sullivan. Dan, one of the things that I've been hearing a lot about from people thinking about Strategic Coach, from our people who talk to prospects, is that there's a lot of uncertainty. And now, this is also from what I've been reading and listening to, is there's so much uncertainty and there's a lot of headwinds for entrepreneurs. I couldn't wait to talk to you about that because I'm like, "Damn! I have some very interesting things to say."
One of my takes on it is that Strategic Coach helps entrepreneurs get stronger, especially in the face of headwinds, uncertainty, strange economic and political times, whatever we're facing, however you want to think about that. So you're someone who's incredibly in tune with what's happening in the world, you read voraciously. We'll talk about what you watch in just a moment. But I'd love to get your take. What is the best way for entrepreneurs to respond with all of this stuff, distracting stuff, going on around us? How can we be strong and powerful?
Dan Sullivan: It's a great question and it's a periodic problem because there's upturns, downturns in the market, and there's world events that happen which affect things economically. So I started coaching in 1974. Next year, it'll be 50 years that I've been coaching. So essentially an entrepreneur for 50 years. I don't know the exact number, but there's been like seven significant events where people lost their confidence about what was happening in the future. It affected me a couple times and then I said, "Well, this is always going to happen, so why don't you develop a skill around downturns?"