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Finding The Yield Of Dreams, with Charlie Epstein

Charlie Epstein has been part of The Strategic Coach® Program for 27 years, and he’s found that it allows him to continually find the oasis in the desert of entrepreneurism. In this episode, he tells Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller about bringing together his personas of financial advisor and stand-up performer in a one-man show.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • How Charlie’s show impacts on the financial level, as well as on emotional and spiritual levels.
  • The three-faceted workshop that’s being created for audiences to sign up for after the show.
  • How everybody has been kidnapped by their own doubts.
  • The way you can always wake up joyous.

Show Notes:

Doubt your doubts: If you want to doubt something, why not doubt your doubts?

Isolate the voice: You are able to isolate the voice in your head that doubts your identity and questions your abilities.

Stop doubting yourself: You can negotiate with your mind to stop doubting yourself.

The oasis: If all entrepreneurs are wandering in the desert, entrepreneurial coaching can serve as an oasis.

Bring together: Instead of aspects of your identity fighting with each other, you can bring them together to work in simpatico.

Myths about money: What’s holding you back from pursuing your passion might be just myths about money.

Around incredible people: Exciting opportunities come out of being around incredible people.


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Episode Transcript:
Dan Sullivan: Hi, everyone, this is Dan Sullivan. And this is the new episode of Inside Strategic Coach. And today, we're really going to go inside Strategic Coach with an entrepreneur that I've been in constant conversation with since 1994. Thai food, 57th Street in New York, Le Colonial—great, great restaurant. I don't remember anything I ate because Charlie was there. So I have Charlie Epstein. And I have my partner here, Shannon Waller, who predates Charlie, because as Shannon started on Strategic Coach in 1991, as a crucial team member, and has done nothing but grow as she got on.
So first of all, it's just such a pleasure that we can talk about everything over the last 27 years, but we can also talk about something I suspected in the first year when I first met you. So there's two stories here. There's your unbelievably successful career as a wealth advisor, financial planner for really, really successful people. But that's the day job. Okay. In the very first time, we had dinner together, and we clicked. I mean, we've always clicked on a lot of different levels. And what happened is that you showed me a whole other side of Charlie, which is the entertainment business: stand-up comedy, theater. And I remember after the dinner we had with you, we were walking back to our hotel, and I said, “You know, I got a suspicion that Charlie is telling us what the day job is. But my feeling is the big thing is the night job that he's talked about.” I said, “He's proud of what he's done in the day job. He's passionate about his night job.”
So can you fill us in, Charlie, and just, you know, kill the suspense—let's just go to the punch line right now. And you tell them, you know, what you've created. And then you can show how the day job actually freed you up to do this.
Charlie Epstein: Yeah. And first off, everybody, I mean, I think as entrepreneurs, we all wander in the desert, you know, looking for the oasis and the elixir in life. And Strategic Coach, and Dan, and Shannon—because Shannon has coached all of my team, all of our employees over the years—you've been the that oasis.