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Take Advantage Of The Two Fastest-Growing Industries

New technologies are created when someone sees how the creation would fit existing desires, but that doesn’t mean that potential customers will understand its purpose or how to use it. In this episode, Dan and Shannon talk about the essential role of coaching when it comes to technology.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • Why Dan maximizes the use of as few pieces of technology as possible.
  • Why coaching and teamwork should be part of any discussion of adopting or creating new technology.
  • How Dan utilizes other people’s knowledge of how to use technology.
  • An example of Strategic Coach® coaching clients to use a new technology.

Show Notes:

Every kind of coaching: If everything is being impacted by information technology, then everything requires coaching for people to make the technology useful.

Usual reaction: The usual reaction to a technology you don’t understand, or don’t understand how to use, is to not use it.

Easier to reprogram: Humans are easier to reprogram than a piece of technology is.

A small minority: Individuals who have a natural feel for technology are in a very small minority of human beings.

Useless unless: Any new technology is useless unless your company knows how to think about it in a positive way and has a process built around introducing it.


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