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The Main Currency Of Entrepreneurs

Most people don’t know it, but the main currency of the human race, especially entrepreneurs, is shortcuts: better, faster ways of getting things done. In this episode, Dan Sullivan talks about why shortcuts are so important and how entrepreneurs create, and trade in, shortcuts.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • The worst way to spend your life.
  • The importance of being useful.
  • Why entrepreneurs depend on shortcuts.
  • How breaking the rules sets you up for success.
  • How to spot gatekeepers (and why they resent shortcuts).

Show Notes:

Stupid smart: If you rely solely on your own knowledge and skills, it doesn’t matter how smart you are—you’ll always get left behind.

Being useful: Being useful to others is a guaranteed path to success and only gets more rewarding as time goes on.

Dealing in shortcuts: Entrepreneurs constantly come up with new shortcuts, and trade shortcuts amongst each other, to create easier, cheaper, faster results.

Rules were meant to be broken: Entrepreneurs don’t care about how things have always been done. They care about results.

Bringing it all together: Teamwork essentially comes down to combining shortcuts and creating systems around them.

The “Long Way Arounds”: People who prefer traditional methods get really bothered by shortcuts and will try to create barriers and restrictions around them.


The GAP And The GAIN, by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy 

Who Not How, by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy