10 Tips For Explosive Business Growth In 2024

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As you look ahead to the upcoming year, you’re undoubtedly focused on making it more prosperous, more enjoyable, and more successful. Here are some key things to remember that will help make 2024 your best year yet:

  1. Plan all of your Free Days for the year—and take them.

    We define Free Days as 24-hour periods, from midnight to midnight, with no focused business-related thinking or reading, and no communication with the office.

    If you don’t plan out your Free Days in advance, they either won’t happen or won’t be as effective and enjoyable as possible. Remember, Free Days aren’t a reward; they’re a necessity for entrepreneurs who want to show up 100% in work AND in life—and improve results across the board.

    And if you can't get away from your business, you’ve essentially created a job for yourself.

  2. Trust your team.

    The secret to achieving your biggest goals is in asking the right question. Don’t ask, “How can I do this?” Instead ask, “Who can do this for me?”

    Free yourself up by putting the right people in place to complete tasks and projects. Share your “bigger future” vision with your team, and then collaborate to use everyone’s shared talents and ingenuity to get there.

  3. Make your future bigger than your past.

    We get it. For an entrepreneur, the weight of past experiences can be burdensome. And while it can be valuable to carry lessons from the past into the future, it doesn’t help you to also bring along the heavy emotional load that acts as a storm cloud over every endeavor.

    So here are a few strategies: Lighten your load, be selective about what you bring with you from your past, and get future-focused.

  4. Show up on time.

    Whether you like it or not, being late tells someone that your time is more important than theirs. It tells them that your first priority is yourself.

    What’s worse is that it forces you to enter the room apologizing, which is a terrible way to go into any interaction. It leaves you stuck wasting time and energy bringing your social credit back up to zero—energy you could be putting toward creating a great connection.

  5. Do what you say.

    It’s amazing how quickly you can develop a reputation for being unreliable. But when you always do what you say, you’re communicating to people in the most absolute terms that you’re consistent and trustworthy.

  6. Say please and thank you.

    You may be surprised by what a little appreciation can do for you and your business. By saying please and thank you, you identify yourself as someone who is respectful and appreciative of others’ contributions. We like referring people who appreciate the effort we go to on their behalf and don’t refer those who take us for granted.

  7. Focus on creating value.

    Entrepreneurs in the real world know that people are moved to buy things they believe will somehow make their lives simpler or better.

    You create value for other people anytime you provide them with leadership (giving them direction), relationship (giving them confidence), or creativity (giving them capabilities). Do these things for people, and you’ll discover the place where their self-interest overlaps with yours. In other words, you win and they win!

  8. Invest time in your top clients and customers.

    For entrepreneurs, who get paid for the value they create for their clients, asking great questions that get to the heart of what’s most important to them, letting the other person talk, and then listening is a formula for creating value that is uniquely helpful.

    Get to the heart of what your clients need by asking questions to identify their dangers, opportunities, and strengths—their “D.O.S.” issues. When you help identify their D.O.S. issues, you create immeasurable value for them.

  9. Focus on gratitude.

    When you’re grateful for the value you already have in your life, your mindset becomes one of abundance.

    By focusing on what you have (instead of what you don’t), you create opportunities for growth because you’re choosing to see through a lens that can spot abundance everywhere.

  10. Adopt a 10x Mindset.

    A 10x Mindset leads to jumps in innovation, collaboration, creativity, and income.

    When you make a daily habit of expanding your mind to recognize 10x, you can see and act on opportunities for exponentially greater growth, progress, capabilities, and resources you didn’t see before. Soon, this way of thinking will become normal.

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