3 Books That Will Transform Your Year

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If you’re trying to escape the overabundance of self-reflection that comes with a new year, why not try taking a different approach?

Instead of subscribing to resolutions, the pressure of timelines, and what’s not working, try focusing on what is working. What’s going on in your life, either personally or professionally, that you’d like to carry forward into the new year?

The coming year doesn’t need to be about reinventing yourself, but instead about shining a light more fully on who you are at your core. Get closer to the real you with these three books on personal development and self-growth. From the way you approach your relationships to how you set your business goals, they’ll alter your perspective and outlook on the year ahead.

  1. One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way
    Robert Maurer

    No one makes major positive changes in their life overnight, nor should this be the expectation. One of the most rewarding rituals of change is being able to look back and appreciate how far you’ve come. Maurer’s book is dedicated to the art of making great and lasting change through small, steady steps. He asks you to appreciate the journey as much as the goal you’re working toward.

    Kaizen, a Japanese business philosophy, focuses on the gentle but potent ways we can effect change. If you operate with an “all or nothing” mindset, Maurer suggests melting away this mentality.

    For more, listen in to this interview with author Robert Maurer.

    [bctt tweet=”“Low-key change helps the human mind circumnavigate the fear that blocks success and creativity.” Robert Maurer @Dr_RobertMaurer”]

  2. The Power of TED
    David Emerald

    One of the most restricting qualities that holds us back from making the changes we want to see happen is the victim role. If you reflect over the last year, were there times you allowed yourself to play the victim? What could have been different if you refused to have this attitude?

    Emerald’s book offers powerful lessons on empowerment, ownership, and how to be the creator of your own life. This book is a tool that stirs creativity and can be used both in personal and business situations.

    For more on escaping victimhood, listen in to this interview with David Emerald.

    [bctt tweet=”“The way you talk about yourself and your life—your story—has a great deal to do with what shows up in your day-to-day experience.” David Emerald @powerofted”]

  3. How The World Sees You
    Sally Hogshead

    Self-awareness and authenticity are key to visionary thinking. Start the year off by introducing yourself to the unfamiliar parts of yourself. This book offers insight into the ways you naturally impress and influence the people around you, and uncovers and explains what makes you most valuable.

    In Hogshead’s words, “You already know how you see the world. But do you know how the world sees you?

    For more on this book, listen in to this interview with Sally Hogshead.

    [bctt tweet=”“To become more successful, you don’t have to change who you are. You have to become more of who you are.” Sally Hogshead @SallyHogshead”]

Add these books to your library and to your bank of wisdom. As you take on another new year, let them guide you in what’s most important so you can achieve mastery.

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