A Foolproof Formula For Entrepreneurial Success

Dan Sullivan
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If you’ve decided to be an entrepreneur, that means you’ve chosen to be responsible for your own success. You know that rewards will come to you only once you’re already creating value for customers.

This approach lets you own your accomplishments and means you can take initiative to get where you want to go.

It might be, though, that in some situations, you don’t feel happy or like you have complete control. This could be because you aren’t taking an entrepreneurial approach 100 percent of the time.

Starting with yourself.

I’ll tell you about two attitudes: entitlement and entrepreneurism. They’re complete opposites.

Entitlement is when you expect others to provide you with what you need, including opportunities. You get upset when you don’t get it, and you always end up feeling like what you’re getting isn’t enough.

Entrepreneurism, on the other hand, is based on the following attitude: “If I’m creating value for customers, I’ll be taken care of. I’ll get what I need if I create something that’s useful to other people.”

When you’re creating value for others, they’ll see what you’re doing and will be willing to help you along with your future. Also, just the attitude and the activity of creating new value has a positive force that attracts resources, opportunities, and support to you.

Appreciating value.

Real success and satisfaction come from knowing you earned the rewards. Can you imagine being truly happy without knowing that your success was earned?

You’re an entrepreneur because you visualize a bigger and better future, and you take the steps to get there. The results don’t always look like you envisioned, but the forward movement is how you grow.

Growth and capability have to be earned. You want to keep getting bigger and better, and that can only come from continually thinking of what you can do for others, how you can keep creating value for customers.

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Making changes yourself.

I’ve been in situations where I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, but I was always moving in the right direction because I never expected someone else to fix things for me. I was in control of my own forward movement.

If you’re in a situation you don’t want to be in, it’s important to remember to take an entrepreneurial approach to get out of it. If you’re entitled, you’re being cut off from taking initiative as well as forced to wait for someone else to do something.

It’s up to you to get where you want to go. If you’re not getting there, could it be that you’re feeling entitled in some way, expecting that someone else will help you? Help can come, if you need help, but creating value for others has to come first.

An entitlement approach leads to dissatisfaction, feeling let down by others, and being isolated and miserable. The entrepreneurial attitude leads to success, connection to others, and happiness. Ultimately, you’re responsible for your own happiness and success.