A Solid Foundation For Major Growth: 5 Resources For Entrepreneurs

The Strategic Coach Team
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When we talk about growth at Strategic Coach, it’s always a big conversation, and it always revolves around 10x growth.

Last year, we set our biggest goal yet — a five-year “Moonshot” growth goal — and the whole team is committed to ramping up our game. New ideas and initiatives, and exciting changes, big and small, are being implemented by every team in the company.

Change is good, but …

When you’re talking about this type of exponential growth, major change is a given. But, for major change to happen successfully in any company, it’s essential to have a strong foundation to withstand it and keep it sustainable.

Building a strong foundation takes time and effort by everyone in the company. And one of the most important cornerstones of a solid foundation is teamwork.

At Coach, we work continually to strengthen our teamwork, creating a working environment where each team member is growing and, in turn, contributing more and more to the “Moonshot” goal we have in our sights.

Our 5 go-to resources for powerful teamwork.

We love sharing these outside resources for entrepreneurs — we consider them essential teamwork tools — because we believe in them and we see proof every single day that they work.

  1. Kolbe

    The Kolbe A Index gives you the hard-wired “why” you do what you do. Once you know and understand your Kolbe profile, you’ll know the secret to how you create the greatest value for those around you, which is the key to success, especially in an entrepreneurial company that is always based on results!

    INTERESTING FACT: Everyone applying for a position at Strategic Coach completes a Kolbe A Index even before being considered for an in-person interview. It makes for fewer hiring mistakes because it pinpoints a good fit for the position. The whole team has access to everyone else’s Kolbe profile so we can tailor how we work with one another.

    ➔ Find out more at Kolbe.com

  2. StrengthsFinder

    Developed by the Gallup Organization, the StrengthsFinder assessment gives you your top five strengths (out of 34, which you can also access) that you can then build on and use to excel in your work and personal life. From a company standpoint, knowing our team members’ strengths gets the right people doing the right things to produce the best possible results.

    INTERESTING FACT: We all started off learning our top five strengths, which was incredibly useful. But then we wanted more. Now everyone on the team knows their top 34 strengths, which is not only helpful, but really interesting and fun to know. It explains a lot!

    ➔ Find out more at strengthsfinder.com

  3. PRINT

    Most of us might think we know what motivates us, but PRINT takes us further to our Unconscious Motivators. These are nine hidden drivers that operate at a very deep level and are responsible for all our thoughts, feelings, and actions. When we’re able to satisfy our Unconscious Motivators, we are positive, productive, and our highest performing selves — our Best Selves.

    INTERESTING FACT: Our Unconscious Motivators are like the underwater part of an iceberg, occupying significant space in our brains and holding a vast amount of concealed, yet crucial information.

    ➔ Find out more at PaulHertzGroup.com

  4. The Collaborative Way

    The Collaborative Way is a designed way of relating to one another that harnesses the collective intelligence, imagination, and spirit of a company’s team. When its eight fundamentals are practiced consistently, it results in a faster and more agile organization, extraordinary teamwork, and a more satisfying work environment — an enviable strategic advantage in a changing global marketplace.

    INTERESTING FACT: Our entire team of over 100 is now working to integrate The Collaborative Way into our everyday lives (work and home) in how we listen, speak, support, commit, appreciate, include, and align.

    ➔ Find out more at collaborativeway.com

  5. DISC

    Based on four basic personality types or temperaments, DISC provides the clues to why we most often feel, think and act the way we do, which is helpful to know as part of a larger team in an ever-changing entrepreneurial company. Understanding our DISC assessment can mean better results, more fun, more peace, and better understanding and less frustration when working with others.

    INTERESTING FACT: The DISC model breaks the four main types of personality styles into its letters. “D” stands for Dominant, Direct, Doer. “I” stands for Inspiring, Interesting, Impulsive. “S” stands for Supportive, Steady, Stable. “C” stands for Cautious, Competent, Careful.

    ➔ Find out more at discpersonalitytesting.com