Achieving A Bigger Future Without Losing Your Freedoms, with Michael Sarracini

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Every entrepreneur dreams of a bigger future, but many won’t even attempt to achieve a goal that seems too big. Still others will go about achieving the bigger futures they’ve envisioned in a way that diminishes the freedoms that motivated them to become an entrepreneur in the first place. Not so for Michael Sarracini! The CEO and co-founder of Keyspire, a company that puts people in control of their own future by empowering them to build wealth through real estate investing, Michael has grown his business and his freedom 10x multiple times—and all it took was the right mindset.


More than two decades ago, Michael and his business partner started a real estate investor business. They experienced a lot of successes and a lot of failures, and though they recognized they were doing it the hard way, they didn’t have any other options or tools at the time. Then in 2004 at a real estate investing workshop, they came up with the idea of Keyspire: “We realized at that point how much we actually knew the shortcuts. We already had created things that were in our brain that we just didn't know how to pull out or we hadn't pulled out to that point. And at lunches and breaks, we had the group of other attendees surrounding us and asking us questions. And we were answering all of them, and adding value. And we were coaching them on what to do next.”


Eventually the pair created a program called “Income Property”—now the longest-running real estate investing show in history—to teach people a unique money-making method. But Michael soon found himself wondering how they could turn what they had into something bigger, into something that did more for people. After appearing on the show for a couple of years, Michael left Income Property in 2008, and soon encountered the same challenges and obstacles that thwart so many entrepreneurs looking to achieve major growth.


Going through growing pains.


Michael spent the next 18 months building their first program. He says, “I didn't realize that to grow 10x, you need a team, you don't just do it yourself. But I did it. It took more time and more frustration than it should have. It took me 18 months to create what I could have created in probably 18 weeks if I had the 10x Mindset.”


After growing his real estate investor business 10x, he wanted to do it again, but without all of the hard work that went into it the first time. Yet he still ended up working harder and longer to get the bigger results he wanted. Michael now describes this method as “the old way of thinking.”


“That's all I knew as an entrepreneur,” he says. “But I also was aware enough in the back of my mind that I needed a different solution. I didn't want to get into starting to raise a family, have kids, and all of those things and still be working this crazy amount of hours.”


A better way.


A couple of years after launching the company, Michael was introduced to The Strategic Coach Program. Regarding his first visit, Michael says, “We started chatting with other entrepreneurs and chatting with the team and just seeing how things are. And I said, ‘This is the solution I've been looking for for the last couple of years.’ It wasn't my solution from eight years ago, because I didn't know that I could grow 10x with less work and less frustration. But I knew going into my second business that I could do 10x with less work, less frustration, and just more enjoyment.”


Michael has now been a Strategic Coach member for a decade, having moved from the Signature Program to The 10x Ambition Program. About the latter, he says, “It's all about thinking 10x and growing 10x. Don't go there if you don't think and want to grow 10x. But if you do, this is the mindset and the tactical tool to make it happen.”


10x is easier.


One of the many tools and strategies created by Strategic Coach founder Dan Sullivan is the 10x Mindset, which is all about changing your perspective to see that growing your business 10x is actually easier than growing it 2x. Michael says that the 10x Mindset isn’t “a step-by-step plan,” but rather “a way of thinking that shifts your perspective on your business and allows you to do things fundamentally differently. For less frustration, you do more in less time, and 10x ultimately makes more money and gets you better results than 2x.”


“Freedom is an important part of 10x versus 2x,” Michael explains. He says that a lot of entrepreneurs start a business in order to gain more freedoms in life. In order to get those freedoms, he says, “you need money, and in order to get the money, you’ve got to work hard. So they end up working hard for the money. And when they're successful, they get really good at making money. So they do more and more of it—turns out, they've just given up the thing that they started after in the first place.”

Their freedom is now gone, he says, “because they're working so hard to reach the next level of success. And so 10x allows you to build your business in such a way and grow in such a way that you, for the most part, avoid the trap of eliminating your freedoms.”


Michael shares that when you emotionally and philosophically commit to growing 10x, “you start to carry yourself 10x, you start to walk and talk 10x.”


“You start attracting people that also think 10x,” Michael says. “Strategic partners, employees, tactical partners, and clients like you. When you emotionally commit to 10x, you surround yourself with 10x A-players because people that think 2x, they don't want to be part of your world. When you think 10x, you basically are attracting the world into your circle that all think 10x. And you're repelling anyone who thinks small.”

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A 10x future.


After all the growth that Michael has achieved, he’s looking, of course, to continue growing. As he explains, “How we deliver coaching will continuously change, because in order for me to 10x the business from today to 10 years from today, I have to continuously deliver my value in an innovative and better way to the customer.”


Keyspire only takes on projects that fit the company’s 10x goals, a mandate Michael believes “provides confidence in the business, confidence for the team, confidence for me as the entrepreneur, and confidence for our clients.” He continues, “We're laser focused. They get it. And that's why we're the best at it. Then it goes back to attracting the right people that now want to be a part of it. And now you have this upward spiral of success versus the downward spiral of attrition. Very simple, but so powerful.”


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