Five Ways To Attract Great Team Members

The Strategic Coach Team
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At some point, you’ll need other people to grow your business beyond a certain size. So how do you attract the right new team members to your business?

The answer actually has less to do with them and a lot to do with you. As the one constant, central force behind your business, you set the tone for everything about it, including the kind of people who are drawn to work there. So the way to get great team members is to be a great entrepreneur.

What’s a “great entrepreneur”? Someone who sets themselves and their company apart from all the other businesses recruiting for talent by creating a thriving, positive work environment. How you do this is actually very similar to how you create value for your clientele: You take an interest in what’s most important to them, and you devote your wisdom, capabilities, and resources to making their lives better.

“It’s not just my life that should be getting easier. My team members’ lives should be getting easier too.”
–Strategic Coach® Program member

Here are five specific ways to be a great entrepreneur and attract great team members:

  • Big vision. You’re committed to a bigger future and communicate that possibility to others in an exciting, inviting way.
  • Continual growth. You’re always making progress and are more interested in doing what works best than doing what you’ve always done.
  • More opportunity. You constantly offer better challenges, opportunities, and rewards.
  • Greater authority. You give people the power and responsibility to make important decisions and take action.
  • Valued and appreciated. You respect, appreciate, and reward people’s unique talents and contributions.

Expand and develop these five qualities in your business, and you’ll gain a reputation for being great to work for. People will seek you out even when you don’t advertise, and your current team members will promote you to their talented friends. You’ll gain a key advantage in the marketplace, be surrounded by great people who are a joy to work with, and accelerate your ability to build a bigger and better future.