How Do You Make 10x Growth “Normal”?

Dan Sullivan
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Imagine someone from 1911 traveling along in their horseless carriage, and then suddenly they’re transported into the driver’s seat of a car going 65 miles an hour on a modern freeway. What a nightmare that would be for them — there’d be cars darting in and out of lanes and flashing signs, and they’d just be trying to work out how to operate a vehicle at that speed! They’ve had nothing to prepare them for an experience like that, yet you likely manage something like this every day without even thinking about it. For you, that speed is just normal.

The scariest feeling is being surrounded by events and not understanding them. Your lack of comprehension becomes your greatest threat and starts eating away at you. A lot of people are feeling this way about the economy right now.

Thinking in terms of 10x makes just about anything that’s happening on the planet explainable. It’s a global philosophy that allows you to process and take advantage of the speed at which changes are taking place today.

Human beings normalize things very quickly. Just watch a tennis player responding to a 110 mph serve — it’s incredible. They’ve simply normalized that experience. Their reflexes and hand-eye coordination are geared to it.

So what we have to do is say, “This change is going to constantly be with us.” The microchip continues to increase in speed and power. It continues to have a greater and greater impact on everything in our society. What kind of thought would organize everything in a way that makes it not scary and actually let you take maximum advantage of what’s happening? That thought is “10x.”

So here are four questions to get you thinking this way:

  • What in my life supports 10x?
  • What in my life doesn’t support 10x?
  • What’s lacking in my life that I need in order to go 10x?
  • What’s present in my life that I could take advantage of to go 10x?

The more you process every event in your life through this thinking, the more you’ll find yourself in the 10x flow.