How Is Strategic Coach Different From Other Coaching Programs?

The Strategic Coach Team
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Finding a business coach is easy. For every niche and every budget, there’s a program promising to take your personal and professional game to the next level. But what about finding the right business coach? The one that will actually deliver on those promises (and then some)?

That’s where Strategic Coach stands apart.

If you’re wondering how Strategic Coach differs from those other programs, or what we offer that no one else can, you’re not alone.

It’s a question we get asked by prospective clients a lot, and it’s one our current clients are best suited to answer. Your business is our business, after all, and we believe our work can (and should) speak for itself.

Here are the top four reasons to choose Strategic Coach, straight from our clients.

1. Community

“Everybody here is already successful and is really going after the same thing, which is a better business life and a better life. And to me, I’m in the right room with those people.” – Cody Faller

When you sign up for The Strategic Coach Program, you’re paying for access to more than just great content or one coach’s wisdom. You’re paying for the opportunity to be in the same room as dozens of other successful, like-minded entrepreneurs, all of whom have committed to expanding their mindsets, developing their capabilities, and growing their businesses—just as you have.

And that’s a powerful thing.

As best-selling author of Willpower Doesn’t Work and long-time Coach client Ben Hardy, PhD, knows, environments shape who we are and what we can achieve. If your environment is in conflict with your goals—for example, if you’re surrounded by people prone to complaining, blaming, and reacting to the world around them—you’ll always be fighting against the current of your own success. It’s double the work for half the reward.

If, however, you actively place yourself in an environment that supports your productivity, creativity, and ambition—if you surround yourself with people who collaborate, who take responsibility for their actions, and who seek solutions, not more problems—then nothing in the world can stop you.

Your workshop room is that environment. Full of people who not only understand your challenges firsthand but will support you in moving through them every step of the way, that room exists to supercharge your growth.

While you’ll get plenty of one-on-one attention from your coach, the real magic of the Program happens when you connect with a room full of people who really get what you’re going through—and want you to succeed and grow.

As Dan Sullivan says, “You can survive without a community, but you can’t thrive without one.”

Interested in learning more about how The Strategic Coach Program can benefit you and your team? Book a 30-minute call with a Membership Advisor to find out.

2. Accountability

“I’m not only working on my goals, I have a group of people that I’m going to see in a quarter that I need to be accountable to and show that I’m continuing to progress.” – Adam Balkcom

Most people don’t have a problem with setting goals. What they have is a problem with achieving their goals, and part of that comes down to accountability.

The fact is, sharing your goals with other people makes them real. It declares you’ve committed to an action plan and will lay your credibility and reputation against that commitment.

Keeping a goal locked in your brain, on the other hand, leaves you all the wiggle room in the world. It’s like tacit permission to give up when things get hard. Since you never really committed to your goal in the first place (by writing it down or saying it out loud), it won’t feel like a failure to let it go.

When you commit to a goal or an action step in a workshop, you do so knowing you’ll return next quarter and be held accountable to your word by everyone else in the room. Not only do you not want to let yourself down, you don’t want to let your peers down, all of whom genuinely want you to do well and grow and provide a positive, uplifting environment for you to do so.

3. Collaboration

“You’re not doing it on your own anymore. You’re leading your business with the help of people who get where you are and, as a result, multiplying it.” – Strategic Coach client

Our process involves thinking about ideas, writing them down, and sharing them both one-on-one and in groups. It’s a powerful method that really works. By sharing your ideas with your peers, your thinking gets reinvigorated with the thoughts and opinions of many other entrepreneurs, all excited to help and collaborate with you.

As we’ve already shown, sharing your thinking also proves your commitment to your goals—and opens them up to valuable questioning by your peers. They can identify potential roadblocks and blind spots you may have missed, and help you strategize more efficiently.

4. Diversity

“Being in workshops with entrepreneurs from all over the world, I still walk away feeling enriched in my thinking and opportunities every time. It’s a gift.” – Strategic Coach client

Have you ever noticed that the longer you stare at a problem, the narrower your vision becomes? It’s like putting on blinders—as you intensify your focus, alternative solutions and strategies fade from view. Sometimes, the only way to get unstuck is to see the problem from a distance.

That’s just one of the reasons we believe in putting entrepreneurs from all over the globe and from all kinds of industries in the same room. With a wide range of expertise, technical skills, and life experiences to draw from, you get refreshing new ideas every quarter—and grow your network in the process. Suddenly, you’re not one person against the world. You’re part of a wide and complex web of perspectives and resources, all pooled together and multiplying.

So, how is Strategic Coach different from other coaching programs? In every way that matters to you and your future success.