How Strategic Coach Will Keep Growing Over The Next 30 Years

Dan Sullivan
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Looking Ahead To 30 Years Of Growing

As Strategic Coach comes up on three decades of helping entrepreneurs to grow bigger and better futures, we’re looking back on how much the company has grown over three decades. And how we’re planning on growing over the next three.

Building on the past.

I recently celebrated my 75th birthday, and it occurred to me that I’ve lived three quarters of a century, and in the next quarter, I can really accelerate my progress.

Our past is our future, because the things we’ve gotten very good at doing since 1989 have much more power and potential now than when we first started.

And as much growing as we do, what makes Strategic Coach work has always been and will remain the same. This includes my lifetime partnership with Babs Smith, whom I met in 1982. All of the teamwork at Strategic Coach starts with our teamwork.

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Number one industry.

Circumstances in the world will change, including how big a part technology plays, but we’re going to continue to do what we do because the desires of entrepreneurs—freedom of time, freedom of money, freedom of relationship, and freedom of purpose—will stay constant.

In fact, I’ll say right now that the number one industry in the world in the 21st century is going to be coaching.

This will apply both to industries that are around now and industries that don’t yet exist.

Communication networks in which creative people can create new things are the main enabler for everything in the global economy, and if these creative people are properly focused and feel properly supported, they can create amazingly bigger and better results in the years ahead than were possible in the past.

More and more, in every area of entrepreneurship, every person who’s in a position to create a new enterprise needs a framework, a structure, and a process for establishing both short range and long range progress, and someone to bounce their thinking off of.

And that’s a coach.

Every quarter, I get better at three things: being a coach, creating new thinking tools, and doing certain marketing activities. And that’s going to continue decades into the future.

Babs and I, and all of our team members, are fully committed to the next 30 years.