How to Harness the Power of Negative Thinking

Dan Sullivan
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In 1982, when I was a one-on-one coach, I created The Strategy Circle, a thinking tool that allows anyone to transform obstacles into a strategic plan for achieving a specific vision. It is the foundation, backbone, and source code of the entire Strategic Coach Program.

The Strategy Circle is based on The VOTA Formula, which stands for Vision, Opposition, Transformation, and Action. Both VOTA and The Strategy Circle give entrepreneurs the framework to think through a difficult situation by envisioning a desired outcome and then becoming immediately aware of everything that stands in the way of their goal. They then transform those obstacles into action, realizing that all those things that seem to oppose our goals are actually the raw material for achieving them.

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How Do You Handle Obstacles?

It is only by learning to embrace and transform the obstacles that come up in opposition to your vision that you’ll be able to achieve it. The obstacles are, in fact, an official part of the solution.

This is why it’s important to allow yourself to think negatively—it’s your brain’s way of communicating what has to be solved and overcome. For any major breakthroughs to be achieved, you have to be willing to transform the obstacles into a plan of action.

If you take the time to consider obstacles, you’ll start to realize how you react when faced with them. Opposition can come from many different places: your mind, your circumstances, or others who are pushing back against you.

The most successful entrepreneurs don’t perceive obstacles as an end point. They view obstacles as the beginning. They state their vision, put measurements on it, have a deadline for achieving it, and brainstorm all the things that might oppose it.

By taking the time to let your brain focus on obstacles, you’ll immediately start moving forward and laying out a game plan. And when you write the obstacles down, your brain immediately starts a transformative process.

If you’re willing to face the obstacles, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.